WinstarNssm |MONERO| Crypto miner

$500.00 $300.00

The New Monero miner making the waves can use hardware on which it’s infected to mine Monero coins secretly. When detected and actions are taken to remove it, it’s able to damage your Windows PC completely.

WinstarNssmMiner connects the computer to 4 mining pools to mine Monero (XMR) coins for you.

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WinstarNssmMiner – Anti destruction

is different. Based on a conventional XMR mining rig, it differs significantly when placed up against antivirus programmes. ‘Winstar’ is capable of shutting down the entire system to prevent a confrontation with the program.

By avoiding confrontation, the computer is forced to crash, leaving the user with a blue screen. Meanwhile, ‘WinstartNssmMiner’ can then proceed to use the processing power of the computer to mine cryptocurrency with the user powerless to prevent it.

If a user ever detects the hidden mining operations and tries to shut down the svchost.exe process associated with XMRig, the malware crashes the user’s PC, which would then require a restart.

The crash occurs because the malware sets the property of the svchost.exe process to a setting of “CriticalProcess,” hence Windows shuts down the PC when the malicious process is terminated.


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