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Phoenix Keylogger is very stealth and powerfull keylogger! Especially because of it’s great features and low budget price. It has +45 features, stealth keylogging, email delivery, password recovery and a lot more.


Phoenix Keylogger is a new budget keylogger with the most out of it. With features such as:

Strong encryption – Downloader – Screenshot logger – Information logger – Self-destruction -Delivery options – Unique stub generator -Anti- VM/Sandboxie emulators – Password recovery – Antivirus killer

All feature is tested/working and stealth.


Strong encryption: All the stubs are encrypted and no logs are stored

Downloader: Add a direct URL or address to your keylogger and it will execute your file carefully on the machine.

Screenshot logger: Take a look at what the other person is doing on his computer, a complete screenshot of the desktop will be sent to you.

Information logger: Get the full specs of the machine such as RAM, Computer name, Processor, IP address, etc.

Self-destruction: The keylogger will uninstall itself and permanently deletes all traces and left-over files. The self-destruction can be activated by custom time and date or even remotely.

3 Delivery options: Logs can be sent to your SMTP/FTP server, Telegram message by API, and any other email providers such as Outlook and Gmail.

Unique stub generator: Every build of your stub will be different from each other. This will prevent your stub to evade from past detections.

Anti VM/Sandboxie emulators: This will protect your stub from being examined by an unauthorized person on their own virtual environment or Sandboxie.

Password recovery: The password recovery will grab all accounts on the computer.

Antivirus killer: For your stubs execution success rate it will “kill” the process of more than a hundred popular anti-virus software.


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