We are Professional Russian hacking group, and we have come with wonderful bank transfer services. On time delivery and efficiency is guaranteed.


About Us

We are a professional Russian hacking group and we have come with wonderful bank transfer services. We combine a lot of tools coupled with over 15 years of experience in this field to present you with this services of  unlimited money transfer. We make use of powerful zeus botnets and advanced phishing and bulk mailing platform to gain access to bank login and database worldwide. We are not here to sell any software to you rather, we have BANK TRANSFERS ready to all countries. This is a serious business and not for kiddies or time wasters. Get instant money transfers to your bank account and unlimited funding, up to $10M in a single transfers to your business associates and trading partners for 90% less the amount. What you can achieve with our bank transfer service is unlimited unless you don’t know how to do business or probably spend money.

Why Choose Us

We delete transaction logs after transfer is completed to your bank account, so its safe and untraceable.

We provide high backup documentation and raise legitimate/verifiable contracts for customers buying over $5 million USD.

We are the best bank transfer hackers, We are professional Russian hackers and our services is safe & guaranteed. 

Bank account hacking has never been so easy. Thanks to our automated malware/trojan. We have successfully collected banking credentials of several different banks around the globe by the help of this malware. It is a very effective way of accessing bank-relevant information, like a particular account detail, a bank database or even bank server. Our highly competent team comprising of Russian hackers developed the special bank transfer hack tool. By spreading the malware, when the bank admin tries to login into his bank admin server database, the malware/virus captures banking login and creates a remote computer access on the bank server.


Bravohackers.su have thousands of online bank login data from different banks around the world with different available account balance. We authorize transfers from this hacked bank account and delete transaction logs after transfer is completed. The process is safe and untraceable. Contact us if your country is not listed as we transfer to all European countries and few African Countries .
 Our bank transfer hack service starts from $10,000 – to $1,000,000 per transfer to Personal accounts (Checking accounts, Savings accounts, Current accounts, Standard accounts). Transfers over $5,000,000 USD, are available to Business or Corporate accounts only. If you require transfers over $5,000,000 you should contact us because the fee is not stated here but it’s negotiable.


Bank transfer services is available same day for transfers below $100,000 to few countries. For other countries, transfers over $100,000 might take 2 days. Transfer Clearing time is determined by how early you place your order, if you order in the early hours of the day, you are sure to get your order completed before end of banking hours. 
$1 Billion Stolen by Hackers from Banks Around the World. Russian security company Kaspersky Lab yesterday claimed that a hacking ring has affected more than 100 banks in 30 countries over the past two years. The report says that hackers have stolen as much as $1 billion from banks around the world.


BRAVOHACKERS professionals transfer service is available the following countries, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Turkey, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland and lots more.  Our success rate is 100%. On time delivery and efficiency is guaranteed. We use a secure money wire transfer clearing protocol to send the payments to your bank account, and makes the transfer clean and not traceable. A bank transfer will ease your stress and make the celebration lit. Contact us to order this service.





EMAIL: bravoteam22@tutanota.com CLICK HERE

WHATSAPP: +1 213-878-3161 CLICK HERE



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  1. Tiffany Blake

    Hello everyone, I am Blake from Australia, due to bad experiences, I didn’t think I would find any genuine website on the net that’s actually true to their word about transfers. The service here really beats my imagination and on 2 different occasions, I have made money from here for my tuition fee as I have to see myself through school. I have also been able to save up a good amount of cash for my upcoming school project. I’m happy I didn’t bank on a few bad experiences and I highly recommend them, I think they have the best offers you can get around

    1. John Miller

      Hi my name is John, I am from Adelaide, South Australia, having a good education is a great path to success. I had to take a bold step after reading your comment, thanks a lot, I hope your good? . I got $50,000 USD transfer from mike and his team. thanks to your review.

    2. Greg Marcus

      I would like to thank you for taking the time to write this review, at first I was skeptical, but after reading your comment, i decided to use the service and the result was 100%. I wish you all the best in your studies.

  2. Harry Palmer

    I am a startup but got my companies in South Yarra, Hawksburn, Toorak, Australia, although not many transactions that take place on a day-to-day basis, we do transfer money to our vendors across a few countries. Thats a lot for me. Bravo hacker team has made my life absolutely simple. In fact, I brought my ANZ bank business accounts under one account and I purchased $3.5 Million money transfer to each. The icing on the cake is: I got my transfers without any problems. When it comes to wire transfer hacking service, I have never seen such fast responses and quality solutions from other financial institutions or banks for that matter. My vendor recipients are super organized now. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to make a hassle-free money transfer and enjoy the Russian Hackers mechanism across the globe. You will fall in love with them trust me.

  3. Jessi Hardin

    Wonderful team!!! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable in the process. Mike have been very helpful throughout the whole process. They were answering any and all questions (even after hours!) and guiding us to get $50,000. Great Team!

  4. Tanya Creed

    bravohackers.su should be considered the best on the block. The swift response really wowed me. I needed money to set up my farm and getting a loan from the bank proved abortive. I heard a thing or two about this site, I just gave it a try and I feel very happy that even on my first try, the experience was still worth it. My farm is set now and I get money from here from time to time. I urge you to try them out if you need the cash they are actually God sent and are obviously changing lives cause they have changed mine too. Thanks

  5. Ms Katty

    Bravomike is really good at his job. I commend his efforts as well as the team they are speedy in response, true to their word, and very ready to help in any way possible. When I requested a $100,000 transfer, I noticed the willingness to help and make sure I got it all right and the readiness to answer all the questions i had to ask too. I appreciate the effort and I highly recommend this company that wants to make good money

  6. Rory Billy

    I know the exact rate I am getting and the fee I am paying, there are no hidden costs or surprises. Thank you bravomike for making it so easy for me, an oldie who’s not so good with technical stuff and internet stuff , if I can do it anyone can .

  7. Patricia Marcus

    WOW!!! I wish I found this site a long time ago, maybe I wouldn’t have had to deal with those scammers who claim to do better. They have always given me value for my money. Just the past week, my nanny called while I was out of town to complain about an emergency at my home. I knew I didn’t have any money and I was very low on credit too. I got on this site and began my transaction, and it ended as fast as it started with the best service as always. And the rates here are exceptional too

  8. Aayiz Putera

    I use this service once away from my family and I need to send money. My job is very demanding and I have almost no time to spare but this site has always come through for me in all these times. My wife doesn’t let me send money through any other means save for this site. She agrees it’s the fastest and safest of all, we’ve so far tried out. I recommend this site to everyone

  9. Donte Renzo

    bravohackers.su has done the best for me. My mom can finally get her surgery done. It was really a difficult time for my entire family as raising money for the procedure was hard, Even when we would raise up to the said amount, various health emergencies that were unavoidable will call for spending. We finally came across this site, although we thought it was fake but after much deliberation, I sent the required fee and received the transfer. My mum is doing great now. I am very grateful for the help I received. I totally recommend it to everyone.

  10. Donald Roy

    After so many losses from scam sites, I agreed within myself that I was done with all this. But I needed the cash cause I was damn broke and my kids having something to eat was a major concern as well as us not going back to my mum’s basement. I got the hint from a friend who saw that I really needed the help and it’s been awesome ever since. I have been able to recover all my losses from previous times. i highly recommend this site

  11. Maryann Presley

    Thank God for this site. The kids at the orphanage are grateful for the kind gesture. We were running outta supplies and the money to get most of our needs sorted was not available. But we have been able to raise enough for Us from here. God bless you for your help.

  12. Mohamed Amin Khan

    Alhamdollilah, one of the very best hackers to buy money transfer ,
    I dealt with fake hackers before i found bravohackers and paid my amount on the 27th and they didn’t send me the $125,000 to Dubai and asking me every single question , the Passport copies to prove and the Bank Statement and many other questions! Just today the 1st May I cancelled to buy bank transfers with them. They won’t give my money back I have to 7 Full working days.

    Bravohackers is extremely good, and Alhamdollilah the money reached into HSBC DUBAI Bank 48 hours and very generously they gave me more than I paid for and no fuss asking sensitive personal information. I feel comfortable to work with this hackers because my privacy is respected.
    Thank you so much bank hackers . I recommend everyone who looking get money real quick.

  13. Bill Mago

    Excellent service. I had used many other hacker services to send money to my wife in Russia. There was always a delay and too many extra charges. Bravohackers kept their promise, I ordered $10,000 to be sent to my wife’s account and the Customer service guy assured me its gonna be a same day service and my received the funds to her bank account within 8 hours of ordering this wire money transfer hacking service. I admit that some so called bank money transfer hacking service providers have disappointed me in the past but this guys came through with flying colors particularly during this pandemic . No hassle no problems.


    Bravo money transfer services has truly been an Uber pass in the revolving world of constant financial challenges , thanks guys, this $400,000 has been very magical for my life. They are reliable, faithful, and loyal to their customers. I’ve been with them about 2 yrs and I love them. i am very happy to do business with this company they have been very considerate and granting as increase in credit to me which i find to be very helpful at this time

  15. Johnny Qaudril

    I highly recommend this platform for everyone, especially those that are transferring money to business partners and paying off mortgage . I have utilized the platform many times and I was always satisfied. The recipient and myself were notified immediately after the completion of the transaction. And to crown it all, we get the best rate possible with a low transfer fee. I purchased $589,000 for barely 9% and had it sent for my goods ordered from China. I appreciate your services so much. Greater than all the other services out there and a better rate

  16. Daisylyn Val

    So seamless and easy. What a treat to be able to buy clean hacked money transfer funds so quickly. My “Mexican family” was in dire traits and this was the perfect solution. Great service at a great price. Every time I needed your help to come to the rescue of the ones I love you were there for me and get me out of debt. I am very happy to have come across your services and wish that you will be active for many many years to come . You are a God sent to me and thank you so so so much.


    Always very pleasant and helpful when I have to contact them. Great hackers, always there to assist their customers. At this time when the United States economy is been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. companies are laying people off work so I recommend this for some quick amounts. I got $89,500 sent to my business account.
    Highly recommend

  18. Joseph Connor

    Easy and cheap way to get money!
    I do research for work, so trust me when I say I did my research on bravohackers and other platforms out there. I love how user-friendly bravohackers is, their fair and competitive price rates, and how fast you can receive money. There are no hidden fees, plus I’ve already benefited from my referrals and saved even more money.
    I’m so happy I am paying back my bank for those fraudulent debits! Payment received same day with express service. Very satisfied.

  19. Golden Europe

    I learned about bravohacks through a friend. At first, I was having doubts about whether its actually Legit but It was really easy to send money after I paid for $450 to test the service. The amount charged as payment rate is very good because I paid $450 in bitcoin and got $4230 to my WellsFargo bank account. I had to wait a few days before using the money because I was thinking it might chargeback, Lol. Everything went very smoothly , Great for a first time transaction! I’ve ordered for $75,000 more. Admin, please Respond to my email.

  20. Nellys Shelbie S

    I had a great experience, very fast and reliable service. The other most amazing thing I loved is the security of fund transfers from hacked account to offshore bank directly, as this hides a paper trail of activities and your money is safe and cleaned to use. Mike and his team of hackers here saved my day during the lockdown when i could not go to the bank to get cash so my family could eat. Excellent service! Quite convenient.

  21. Dunn Jackson

    This is a good service and very easy to use. Your money is safe and it will get to your bank account straight away. Very simple to set up. I will recommend this to everyone wanting to Live their dreams. You’re getting on top of your competitors. There’s one coming up every week!! I will be ordering $35,000 weekly.

    You got my business still and moving forward.

  22. Maria Igor

    Finally found a legit company that’s out to help and ready to make sure a client is very much satisfied. My $50,000 transfer arrived in my account in less than no time. BravoMike did great too. I am totally blown away cause the service here is undoubtedly exceptional and stressless too


    During this period covid-19 almost everything is shut down but bravohackers never fails to do the magic! is best is at home u can get money transfer in seconds if you’re in the US like myself. Really love the service my first transaction done in less than two hours,very fast.and recommended to anyone who wants to send money anywhere in the world using underground hackers

  24. Becca Stewart

    Just when I thought it was all gone and there was no way to start it all over, these guys came to my rescue. Mom had cancer and couldn’t work to take care of my siblings and me. I remember how I will always ask my friends at school if there were any real money-making sites on the web and I for sure would get laughed at or was given some shitty site with the worst of reviews. I was running out of time, our rent was soon due, Mom needed her meds and I for sure won’t be getting a loan from the bank. I stumbled on this site on one of those search days. I was somewhat skeptical about it but then I needed cash and was ready to do anything for the cash too. I contacted, paid the fee of $450 from the $500 dollar grandma had given me. I waited with a lot of hope, fear, excitement, and anxiety you name it. I even had a panic attack. And finally, the wait was over when I finally received $3,000 in my bank acct. It for sure is a day I will never forget and it has been better ever since. Mom eventually passed but she did with a smile on her face. I love you bravohackers.su, you’re a life changer.

  25. Dick Santos

    Reliable and easy to use
    Fast, reliable, trusted and so easy to use. Buying money transfers hack will give you peace of mind whenever you send money overseas. They offer a very low fee. I am extremely satisfied with their friendly and professional service. I asked for some help about a transaction and they were quick and responsive and very user friendly ! glad i got to use this awesome service.

    Surely, you will recommend this hackers to your friends. Fantastic!

  26. Moses Faye

    Easy to use, fast and trustworthy. I was initially hesitant but after using it a couple of times, it’s absolutely lovely. Fastest and easiest service!!
    Customer service absolutely on point!!
    In less than 4h my mom had the money $9000 on her account! Love this Hackers!!! Love it all!!!! Amazing JOB!!!!
    1000% recommend!!!

  27. lewis bush

    Bravohackers is extraordinary!! Their customer service is like nothing I have ever experienced! When I have had time sensitive and large transfers to be done I simply would place my order with the customer services and Relax. I have seen them do transactions in under 3 hours! Prompt action has been taken and provided best service.

    I highly recommend using them. They have never let me down!!!

  28. Savannah Blake

    In the event that your money is not received on the other end, the service is very helpful. They go all out to make it happen, it’s very easy to find a real person to speak to, and overall excellent service with the best wait time too

  29. Benson Clark

    When you have terrible back pain and can’t work then you would see the importance of these guys. They have helped me in many ways I can’t fully state. I appreciate all the successful transfers and the guide given throughout every transaction. The customer service is epic too

  30. Marcos Rocky

    I love how easy it has been to use your platform – both for myself and for the transfer recipients! I have waited years for a platform like this and will certainly be using you all over and over again. Fast, professional, more reliable than any other online money transfer hacking company I’ve used. System is excellent and secure. I highly recommend as an alternative to Bad bank loans.

  31. Vera Azeta

    I really appreciate how efficient and painless the entire process takes. Fast, reliable and Exellent customer service. 100% satisfied on all ends of the transaction. You guys are doing good jobs for people thanks. I appreciate the professionalism and promptness I receive from doing business with you. I got the $45,000

  32. Stefan Ivanova

    Having a go-to site where you can raise cash to sort out stuff and clear emergency bills is the best thing that can happen to anyone. And my mom and I are no exceptions. We have been able to change our lives through the money we raised from here. I am currently saving up for college and this site is doing most of the work for me. It’s been 11months now and there haven’t been any bad experiences dealing with these guys. Thank you bravohackers.su you outdo it all the time


    Great experience with Bravohackers… Helped me get back on my feet and rebuild my business. Superb customer service.
    Thanks for allowing me a chance to rebuild. I haven’t had any issues at all very satisfied

  34. Naim Azizov

    Thank you Bravo Hackers for helping me recover all my losses in a short time space. I never thought it would be this easy under your supervision. Money has been really tight on my family until God sent you guys my way. This is a miracle for my family. Had a great experience with this money transfer hackers.

  35. Mr Austin

    Bravohackers is the best way to get quick money right now, their service charge is cheaper than other and also their price rate is so better than other online money hackers . I’m so satisfied with their services too. I’ll keep using this service . I liked their professionalism and again recommend people to transfer money with them only. Thank you.

  36. Mildred Scott

    The friendly and professional team of bravohackers made the process of our $500,000 USD so easy. Mike was very helpful and he was very responsive to all our questions. Great experience, highly recommend!


    It went through which is the most important thing – why one time in minutes then the next time hours ???

    I hope for less delay in future transfers


    Thanks for your quick and fast service
    I am very much thankful to bravohackers for helping my family survive us at this crucial time of world now where everything is closed and locked down due to coronavirus..God bless you all always, buying hacked money is very much reliable, safe and secure by bravohackers, I am truly obliged.. You’re a Life Saver

  39. Priscilla Mutinda

    Yes I can give more than 5 stars. You’re very efficient, fast, accurate and honest
    Very much on time. My son was very sick. Needed money for hospital deposit before admission, I sent a message to bravohackers and the funds arrived sooner than expected. YOU SAVED MY SONS LIFE.
    even when the system is down, you send us a feedback immediately, when it’s ok, you do forward the money, and give a feedback. Thank you Bravo. May your team live long. Thank you

  40. Abelard Edingu

    It’s been over a year I started using this service and I haven’t had any unnecessary delays or excuses. They really beat my imagination again and again and my family has always received the money transferred in due time. my last transfer was completed within 1HR and the response guy is really good too. I love you guys.

  41. John

    This guys are fucking genius. I just wanted to give a try and boom!!! They came through for me as i got my $4000 Transfer successfully before the stipulated time they told me before ordering. I’m very happy for the selfless service you provide.

  42. Kenneth Miller

    I have been using Bravohackers, for a number of years for mostly transfers around the £20000 – £60000.

    I recently used them for transfers of around €70,000 as I moved to Europe. This money was for my Project and represented a serious value to me. They delivered.

    I have found this site to be consistently excellent. The rates are super fair and there are options for payments and timing. The fees they charge are also super low for the service they offer.

    Sometimes the transfer can take a little time – however this isn’t Bravo, it is the banks dragging their feet in transferring funds. Bravohackers Transfers quickly after applying for their transfers i received a payment on the same day as I arranged it.

    I really do recommend this this site – trustworthy, quick, nice interface. If you are nervous, perhaps start with a couple of small sums.

  43. David Robertson

    These guys know their stuff and I highly recommend everyone to check them out. You’ll be happy you did. The swift response from this company is something that gives me confidence that some companies are super serious. In less than twenty four hours. I got my deal and the fund.
    Mike was the major deal breaker. Professional and good. Great company.

  44. Austin Floyd

    This site has an excellent service I must say. My brother received the transfer in Belgium and he assured me it was fast and real too. I wasn’t so sure about the transfer because this is actually my first try and he has been away for studies for some time now. And the fee is great too, for a first timer I am very impressed and pleased with the service. I hope to have more deals with you guys in the future. Weldone guys

  45. james

    it is a scam do not be fooled! This may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a site like this. But I’m glad to tell you NO IT”S NOT! I have been in your shoes in the middle of decision as i risked it and to my greatest surprise the money i requested was transferred to my Belgium account in few hours. This has changed my mindset over time about this site especially. I will highly recommend, i Have been using them for more than 8 Months.

  46. Rev. Mary Mercy

    Since I started using bravohackers to send money to my account, I have never regretted. Money transfer is instant . Their customer service is wonderful.

  47. Dimitri Oleg

    At first sight, you may think it’s fake but that’s false because I used to think the same way too till I gave them a try. The team is always hands-on deck to give a smooth transaction. I haven’t had any issue with the company and it’s been over a year with them. Happy I gave them a try as they say you never know until you try

  48. Flora K. Mbwiria

    Always do a job with my transactions. Keep up the good job to your customers like me! Bravohackers is the best way to get quick funds for business project right now. Always a quick and exciting experience to resolve financial across the world in the shortest time possible. Great innovation solving real issues.

  49. Ellie William

    My son told me about this service as I usually transferred money through normal banking institutions. I can’t believe how efficient and cost-effective this service is. I transferred a small amount at first because I couldn’t believe it was that simple. Now I do all transfers with bravohackers.su and they have never disappointed me not even once

  50. Roger Kirk

    The team exceeded all expectations on transfers. I got $215,000 and Mike even offered to assist in other financial opportunities as well. Everyone was professional and responded timely. There were only 5 stars above but I would have chosen 6 if available.

  51. Saint Clifford

    Of all the available platforms of transfer, I found Bravohackers the quickest, transparent and truly seamless way to use. It’s extremely quick which means any important and urgent transfers can be done on the go without having to plan ahead in time. From my experience, I have been able to transfer within few minutes, to few hours depending on day of transfer.

  52. Laura Sotirova

    Bravo!! provide excellent customer service, maintain reasonable prices and ALWAYS do the transactions on time. I use their services for 2 years and I never have looked further during this time. It is always a pleasure using Bravohackers as it’s excellence is out of these world. i highly recommend their service. All thanks to this site for seeing me through most especially during the covid 19 period.

  53. Caroline MacLeod

    Heard a lot about sites like this one ripping people of their cash. But I haven’t gotten that experience since I started working with these guys. The transparency on the services is outta this world. During my last transaction, the agreed wait time was a little over 10minutes it was so unlike them especially from my previous transacts. I reached out to customer service, they explained that it was a rectifiable error and they assured me I was gonna get a successful deal in the end. And I eventually did. So, this is me, thanking you guys for consistency and referring to all those in need of transparent and quality service for your money, https://bravohackers.su should be you choice.

  54. Raydane Sryina

    I ordered funds from these people and I used the wrong card for my order and asked them to refund back so I can use another card and they refunded almost immediately. Then i Ordered again and everything was successful. They are very honest and has the interest of buyers at heart. They will help you and their website is a blessing on all levels. I’ve had in the past, someone who delivered and i was shocked but she is no longer available so that’s why I came here from a referral from some guy at work and he said he knew of someone who had used these guys but nothing else. So I decided to try it and jump in with both feet and I got what i ordered for making around $50000 from these site on one wire transfer. Now i can pay my mothers hospital bills with no stress and I’m gradually getting my life back on track since i found these site.

  55. Eeshan Moksh

    Web Site is working fine for transferring money to India.
    There has been no form of delay, I never had any issue in trying to send money to a chap in India. The response was immediate and there was no problem with the transfer. I find this site 1000 times better than a lot of others out there. Bravo guys

  56. black mart

    Response is almost immediately. I have been using these service for a short time now and i can say the service is highly recommended as banks are stealing from us. I transferred some funds around $7000-$10000 to my family in Bulgaria and ever since this has changed my life and its turn back for what? Thank You Bravo hackers.

  57. Daniel Smith

    The services which I’m very pleased to say for over a few years are still efficient, safe, and accurate.

    Regarding my wait time for customer service in a matter of a few minutes has been my experience also, when waiting for an email response concerning my phone inquiries. My trust for Bravo service is on a high level and I’d recommend using their offered service over other banking institutions.


    bravohackers.su is a great service. Have a daughter going to school in Italy and this service makes it a breeze to send money with their service! Very easy to use and intuitive user interface. Highly recommend them!

  59. Alice Marshall

    I tried different companies to transfer money, which I do monthly to my son, who is studying, in the US. None of them were really efficient, in the transfer, which sometimes took days with no good reason or response, too many errors, or I get scammed or the rates that I was charged too high. bravohackers.su really has done a great job. Hats of to their wonderful site that makes everything simple and efficient. I couldn’t have finally chosen a better way to transfer. My Referee said they wouldn’t disappoint. They sure haven’t. Thanks to everyone at bravohackers.su. Keep up the good work. You are really the best.

  60. Bonnie Max

    This was the easiest transfer I have ever done. Mike and his team made it painless, easy, and pleasant. I had waited to do this but I was not looking forward to because of past experience. I would recommend this funder and these guys to all of my real estate clients

  61. Sofia Castillo

    We use bravohackers.su to finance a small holiday apartment in Estepona, just enough cash when required to keep the Spanish bank in credit.
    It would have been so much easier if we had heard about bravohackers.su when we bought our apartment. It works for us, Many Kind regards a Loyal Customer

  62. Gray Philips

    All who touched the process were courteous and professional. Mike went the extra mile to make sure I was taken care of and my time was not wasted. I appreciate all they did!! My experience with the purchase of $150,000 to my business account went great. All of my purchases have went seem less. Thank you

  63. Robert

    Thank you for the excellent service and constant and prompt updates, you guys are doing fine and the rate of your service is excellent, highly recommend Bravohackers.

  64. Fred Miles

    The beginning of the year was a very tough one for my family and me. I got laid off when my wife was pregnant with our baby number 3. She couldn’t get a job in our small town due to the many instructions from the doctors. We got a lot of referrals from friends to some sites similar to this one but we got ripped off our hard cash. I probably had about 2-3 losses from some scam sites before I finally hit this gold mine. It’s been the best experience ever since and I’m happy I took the risk. The service is excellent, the wait time for the transfer is incredibly short and shocking too. Thank you so much, guys

  65. Ms Brenda

    The transfer department was awesome, Mike is phenomenal with his customer service skills . He was extremely patient and helpful with the process . He took time to explain each and every aspect of the transfer. He kept me updated every step of the way . He even stayed late one evening after coming back from vacation to complete the second transaction that was initiated. Mike and his team are incredible and amazing . I admire and appreciate their passion for customer service . I look forward to do greater volume with your team and I highly recommend your service to everyone reading this. Thank you Ms Brenda .

  66. Tom

    I needed a quick transfer of $100,000 to enable me complete some projects i started before the covid19, so I sent a message to Bravohackers and talked with Mike, and he helped me go thru it all over the phone and I didn’t have to miss any work so I couldn’t be any happier the entire transaction was very nice.

  67. Cafer Hamza

    I used this site to send money to a Turkish bank account directly from mine using their app without having to use an agent, the Turkish bank rejected the money and they refunded me without any issues. I haven’t heard of any complaint from the guys I referred but then again my money is clean.

  68. Xiomara

    I requested a transfer of $100,000 as I had things to settle, the company was really helpful to make the deal a success. The response guy was the real MVP in all this he made sure to carefully guide me through and explained every step to be taken for a successful transfer. The entire team put together is great and they are doing a good job out here. Bravo guys

  69. Francisco Pérez

    This company helped me out during the pandemic. It would have been really difficult for me if my family hadn’t found them out during the pandemic because school got me separated from my family and I couldn’t get back home or get money from my family due to bank closure. All the transfers came in for me in a short time and it’s real too. I’m back with my family now. A big thank you to the entire bravo team

  70. Travis Morgan

    I applied for a $50,000 Transfer and…
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  71. Alinani Kasunga

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